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SERC: Teaching with Google Earth

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DELUGE Project

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National Snow and Ice Data Center

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

USGS: San Francisco Bay Region Geology and Geologic Hazards

Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Google Earth Science

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Google Earth Cool Places

Google Earth Blog: Hurricane Katrina Archives

Women's Courage

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Costa Rica Experience for H.S. AP Enrichment

Antarctica with ANDRILL

Magnetic Anomalies of the Earth

Yellowstone Eruptions

GRACE Gravity Anomaly Model

Moore in America

Greenhouse Nightmare or Energy Hope?

Bottled Water, an Environmental Hazard?

Unforeseen costs of the global economy

Plate tectonics in Google Earth

Painted Trillium Variations

White Trillium at Point Au Roche

Eastern Box Turtles

Beach Drift at Rockaway

China Earthquake: 'up to 15,000, killed'

Burma's cyclone death toll soars: Update

Encyclopedia of Life

Adirondack Mountains

San Andreas Fault Tour, 88 Places

Long Island Pine Barrens

Eruption Volcano Chaiten, EVACUATION TOTAL ORDER

Large Maps Visible on Google Earth

Eno River State Park (NC) Citizen Scientists

Warning Shots/Tear Gas Fired at Burma Monks

Morris Canal Virtual Tour

Texas Sinkhole overlay.

Whale Protection Zone

The idea of biofuels is good, but....

EPA Superfund/CERCLA sites

Here's some more right whales off Australia

Global Tree Cover - SuperOverlay

Shelters Around the World

Food Mapping

Shelters Around the World

Some uses for Google Earth in elementary school

Any other college profs here who use GE in the classroom

Lessons on Tsunami of December 26, 2004

Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake+Tsunami overlays

225 Nuclear Power Plants, Reactors, etc.

Svalbard International Seed Vault

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Multimedia Maps for the Classroom

Cold Climate Housing Research Center


Google Earth lesson plan - 5th grade explorer unit

Great Lakes Circle Tour

How one school in Australia uses Google Earth

USA Presidential Assassinations

Tsarist Russia in 1914: Flyover and Game

Geometry Lesson - Shapes

World Countries as Polygons. Next Generation

Global Multilingual Place Names

Global Fire Maps. Background image: Blue Marble

World Designer

Learning to Use Google Earth

Google Earth User Guide

What is KML?

KML Tutorial

Google Earth API

Hello Google Earth API Example

Google Earth Community: Placemarks, Overlays, KML and KMZ (Advanced Training)

KML Gallery: Explore the Earth on Google

Google KML Developer Support

Google for Educators: Google Earth

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Book: Google Earth For Dummies

Book: Future of Google Earth

Manual: Designing and Creating Earth Science Lessons with Google Earth

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Google Earth and Geoscience Education

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Ogle Earth

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Virtual Globes in Science

AGU 2007: Using Geobrowsers for Science

AGU 2006: Virtual Globes